Ima better for Shoemaker’s presence

Last week, the Ima community lost an outstanding member: Hazel Shoemaker.

Funeral services were held for her in Clovis, a family meal was held in House at noon, and graveside services were then held at the Hassell Cemetery.

A large group of relatives and friends gathered at the cemetery for the services and for some quiet visiting.

Standing there amid the group, I was much aware of my heritage and of my great good fortune at having discovered the world at lma. Memories of times spent with Shoemaker and her family surely came to the surface and let me know how fortunate I had been to know them throughout the years.

Shoemaker and her husband moved to the Cuneva Basin in 1940 and worked for Brown Giles for a number of years before becoming owners of his ranch. Although we were living in town at that time, we certainly kept up with people of the area and met our neighbors as often as possible.

I no longer remember the date, but the last branding Dad and I attended together was at that ranch. We took our horses so we could help with the round up, and then Dad suggested that I go to the house to see if I could help with the work there.

Of course, the women there to do the real work suggested that I do a few little chores and then return to watch the happenings in the corrals. Obviously, they knew where I really wanted to be.

Throughout the years, we visited with the Shoemakers where ever we saw them and kept up with the happenings in their area. Shoemaker was most definitely a member of the Ima Quilting Club and put in more stitches than any of us can imagine as she helped create all sorts of beauty with those women.

She also quilted and did beautiful handwork on her own. She was always willing to help whenever help was needed and saw that such values were instilled in her family.

After visiting with many friends at the Hassell Cemetery, I just had to drive to the canyons to continue the memories of the past. Because I don't go to Ima very often, I needed to take that opportunity to stand on the edge of the canyons to look at the remains of my grandparents' home. While standing there, I surely was listening to voices from the past and recalling many sad and wonderful times spent in that place.

I'd surely like to thank Eddy Shoemaker for calling to tell me about his mother's death and the arrangements. He has been kind enough during the years to keep me informed about some of the happenings in that community. Because we don't often hear news from that part of our county, I really appreciate his efforts.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 461-1952.

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