State police search home of missing Tucumcari woman

New Mexico State Police were searching the residence of a missing Tucumcari woman on Thursday night but declined to discuss why or whether they found any evidence.

Officials were inside the residence at 1311 S. Fifth Street, which is the registered home of Kimberly Draman, 53, who has been missing since Sept. 13. They arrived about 7 p.m. and were still there at 9 p.m.

Earlier Thursday, officers were at a Tucumcari residence in the 1300 block of Fourth Street. Neighbors said Frank Keller, the man police say was last known to have seen Draman, had lived in that house, at least temporarily.

Police say they suspect foul play in the disappearance of Draman, though Lt. Matt Broom declined to discuss details Thursday.

"There has been no further developments other than that which has already been released," Broom said. "No additional information is available from the investigators at this time."

Keller, a convicted sex offender and accused methamphetamine user, was arrested Sept. 18 driving Draman's car in Las Vegas, Nev., police have said. He is being held in Clark County, Nev., jail on an unspecified drug possession charge. Broom said Keller, 45, has not been charged in connection with Draman's disappearance.

Anyone with any information about Draman or the case is asked to call state police at 575-461-3300.

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