Letters to the Editor: Sept. 26, 2012

Economies never succeed with only self-regulation Recently when Ben Bernanke announced the Federal Reserve's position on the economy, the radical conservatives and Romney went ballistic. The approved conservative game plan is to do nothing that might give Obama credit, regardless of whether or not it is good for the country. The conservative policy to address […]

We all deserve our titles

Last week, several of us in the over-the-hill gang discussed manners, especially the ones we were taught in our childhoods. We recalled the importance our parents and teachers placed on our polite behavior, sometimes rewarding us for practicing it and definitely disciplining us for failing to use our best manners. Among the first words we […]

Eligibility issues hound ENMU

Eastern New Mexico University's president said Tuesday he expects the college's eligibility issues to be cleared up by mid-November. He also expects some form of punishment from the NCAA because athletes were missing paperwork required to be kept by the college's compliance office. Steven Gamble has noted that the eligibility questions have been self-reported, and […]

Braille Bibles help visually impaired receive word

A visually-impaired individual in Africa and India will soon be able to study a Bible made at a church located only a stone's throw from U.S. 84 in Lariat. Braille Bible production has been going on at St John Lutheran Church of Lariat for four decades, according to St John Lutheran Pastor David Symm. Farwell […]

Flooding video surfaces at Curry jail

Surveillance video of recent flooding inside the Curry County jail reflects images one commissioner calls distressing and a Clovis attorney says shows the county isn't in control of the facility. Inmates are shown frolicking in standing water, running and then sliding along the flooded floor in a crest of water while detention officers appear to […]

Wandering cows known to occur

Why did the chicken cross the road? In communities surrounded by agriculture, maybe it's just to get back home after some sort of disruption. It doesn't happen too often, according to local officials, but eastern New Mexico is susceptible at times to something like a stray horse or cow wandering the streets. "Generally, it's because […]

Just quoting Bible misses its teachings

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God…" 2 Timothy 3:16 "Say it ain't so Joe," is a famous quote, but where did it originate? I heard it all of my life so that should make it true. This quote popped into my head once again the other day when I was reading something improbable […]

Prep polls – Week of Sept. 24

FOOTBALL Max preps.com Top 5 (plus local teams) Class 5A 1. La Cueva 4-0; 2. Rio Rancho 3-1; 3. Las Cruces High 2-1; 4. Mayfield 2-2; 5. Manzano 3-1. 10. Clovis 2-2. Class 3A 1. St. Michael's 4-0; 2. Silver 3-0; 3. Lovington 1-2; 4. Ruidoso 4-0; 5. Taos 3-0. 8. Portales 1-3. Class 2A […]

Tucumcari woman missing since Sept. 13

Kimberly Draman Police are asking for help locating a Tucumcari woman last seen on Sept. 13. Kimberly Draman, 53, was last seen with a man arrested Tuesday driving Draman's car in Las Vegas, Nev., according to a State Police press release. Frank Keller was arrested on charges unrelated to Draman's disappearance, the release said. He […]

Prep polls

MaxPreps.com football rankings Football Class 5A 1. Las Cruces (2-0) 2. La Cueva (3-0) 3. Manzano (3-0) 4. Rio Rancho (2-1) 5. Clovis (2-1) Class 3A 1. St. Michaels (3-0) 2. Silver (2-0) 3. Lovington (1-2) 4. Ruidoso (3-0) 5. Taos (3-0) 10. Portales (0-3) Class 2A 1. Santa Rosa (3-0) 2. Eunice (1-0) 3. […]