Clinic hosts open house

An open house was held Tuesday at the Quay County Medical at 220 South Third.

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

Tucumcari community members helped celebrate the open house of the Quay County Medical Clinic on Tuesday.

Fran Sandoval said that the clinic has now gone all digital in the exam rooms so staff is able to communicate better with each other.

The clinic has kept all of the 1940 era exam tables and other equipment throughout to have on display.

Linda Sims introduced the staff at the clinic which includes new physician Dr. Andria Leathers-Mumer and also new Nurse Practitioner Kari Allen.

Gina Fields, employee said she was very happy to see such a great turn out for the event.

Sam Brown, son of Dr. Randall Brown, has now relocated from London to Tucumcari.

There is now new art work throughout the clinic in most of the exam rooms. Brown said he hoped that this would help make patients feel more relaxed when they came in.

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