State police: Body likely missing Tucumcari woman

By Thomas Garcia

QCS Senior Writer

State Police found human remains Friday they believe to be those of 53- year-old Kimberly Draman of Tucumcari, missing since Sept. 13.

CMI photo: Thomas Garcia
Members of the New Mexico State Police Criminal Investigations Bureau enter the property Friday where they believe to have found the remains of Kimberly Draman, who has been missing since Sept. 13, from Tucumcari.

The State Police Criminal Investigations Bureau said the remains were found on private property located on Quay County Road AC off of U.S. 54 near Logan, according to a press release from Lt. Robert McDonald of the New Mexico State Police.

The property belongs to Bonnie and Amanda Smith.

Bonnie Smith said on Friday during a phone interview she was contacted by the New Mexico State Police and their property was now a crime scene.

Smith said police have searched portions of the property over the past three weeks by foot and air.

Draman was last seen with Frank Keller, 45, of Tucumcari. Keller, a convicted sex offender and accused methamphetamine user, was arrested Sept. 18 driving Draman’s car in Las Vegas, Nev., police have said.

CMI photo: Thomas Garcia
Officers stand outside the property where the remains were found on Quay Road AC near Logan.

Keller is being held in Clark County, Nev., jail on an unspecified drug possession charge.

Police said Keller has not been charged in connection with Draman’s disappearance.

McDonald said the remains will be sent to the Office of Medical Investigators for identification and to determine the cause of death.

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is treating this case as a homicide and the investigation is ongoing, the release said.

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