Local Church raises money for school teachers

Tucumcari school teachers received a donation of $220 per teacher from the First Baptist Church.

Teachers have been buying supplies out of their own pockets for years to make sure they had the tools essential in teaching the children, said First Baptist Church Pastor John Hinze.

Nicole Bright-Lesly said it was a very generous gift and it was very emotional and touching for the teachers when they received their money.

Hinze said that in August he was home recovering after knee surgery, watching a program and when it was over the people were talking about benefiting teachers. Being married to a teacher he said that they spend an average of about $500 out of their pockets for supplies each school year.

Hinze said he got together with the leadership of the church and they decided they could do their part in raising money.

Hinze said that in two Sundays and two offerings, the church raised $15,800 in donations.

The money was put into gift cards from the Mardel book store where the teachers will be able to get the supplies they want. The money was given to 79 teachers and librarians throughout the Tucumcari school district.

Hinze said they delivered money to the middle school Oct. 9 and most teachers had tears in their eyes.

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