Udall: Area has growth potential

Sen. Tom Udall told local leaders he is excited and has a positive outlook on Tucumcari's potential for economic growth in many areas.

QCS Photos: Thomas Garcia

U.S. Sen. Tom Udall spoke with Tucumcari officials Monday afternoon about the future of economic growth in the area and the development of renewable energy locally.

"I am looking forward to working with Tucumcari leaders," Udall said during a recent visit to Tucumcari. "I want to help them build a stronger economic base for the community."

Quay County Commission Chairman Bill Curry requested assistance from Udall. Curry said without state or federal help, the county might not be able to maintain roads.

Udall said he would like to develop a partnership with the city, county and state to work on the improvement of infrastructure including county roads. He said the economy is fragile, and only together can they push forward.

Udall toured the Tucumcari Mountain Cheese factory, which is planning another expansion that is expected to create more local jobs.

Udall said the cheese factory has shown great growth since 2009, and is an example of the economic growth in this area. He said there are also good signs for developments in renewable energy.

Udall said he has been working to initiate a nationwide initiative for the further development of renewable energy to reduce dependency on foreign energy sources. He said Tucumcari has an asset with Mesalands Community College's wind energy program.

Udall said Mesalands is training the workforce that will be necessary to fill the field. He said

Udall also spent time speaking with Arch Hurley Conservancy District's Manager Franklin McCasland about working to make information available for those affected by drought. He said it's important to help inform the public about the help they can get during this drought, which has hurt so many areas.

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