Rattlers beat Bears 60-20 improving to (1-1) in district play

The Tucumcari Rattlers toppled the Estancia Bears 60-20 Friday to improve to 1-1 in District 2-2A play.

The Rattlers rushed for 312 yards, led by Dillon Wood with 88 yards and three touchdowns.

Though the Rattlers (6-2) outscored the Bears by 40 points it was the first 14 points that placed doubt in the Bears, Estancia coach Stewart Burnett said

The Rattlers were in possession of the ball at the start of a scoreless second quarter when Dimitri Chappell was split right and left uncovered, quarterback Luke Smith passed to Chappell who ran it in from 33 yards with no opposition.

"I called out the lack of coverage from my position," Chappell said. "Coach immediately called out the play and Luke got the ball to me."

Burnett said the team was looking to fight back from that early score and they decided to come out and pass.

The pass was intercepted by Jordan Walker, and returned 55 yards for the Rattlers second score.

"We have a young team and they made some mistakes," Burnett said. "We are just going to have to continue to work on improving."

Adam Lujan's 5-yard scoring run to get the Bears (3-4) on the scoreboard.

The Rattlers scored once more before the half with a 5-yard touchdown by Jeffrey Cordova. Though Rattlers Coach Wayne Ferguson said the lead should have been much bigger.

"We had some early opportunities, recovering two fumbles deep in the Bears' territory," Ferguson said. "We just seemed to shoot our elves in the foot and were not able to score on those possessions."

The Rattlers scored six times in the second half, and recovered seven fumbles in the game.

"We were a little sluggish in the first period," Ferguson said. "Though I am proud of how the team came out and played in the second half."

Ferguson said the Rattlers came out and were able to attack the Bears on both sides of the ball and dominate the game they way he felt they should.

The Cardinals were held two only more scores despite rushing for a298 yards. They were lead in offense by Quintana, who had nine carries for 88 yards and one touchdown.

"You can't will a game turning the ball over seven times," Burnett said. "Turnovers will do you in every time you play a good team like the Rattlers

Rattlers 0 20 26 14

Bears 0 8 12 0

Second quarter

T — 33 yard pass Luke Smith to Dimitri Chappell (Pat Zach Hurd)

T — 55 yard interception return Jordan Walker (Pat Hurd)

T — 5 yard rush Jeffrey Cordova (pat no good)

E — 5 yard rush Adam Lujan (2 point Jared Modgling)

Third quarter

T — 48 yard rush Dillon Wood (pat no good)

E — 11 yard rush Modgling (pat no good)

T — 1 yard rush Smith (pat Hurd)

T — 35 yard rush Hurd (pat no good)

E — 49 yard rush Cesar Quintana (pat no good)

Fourth quarter

T — 1 yard rush Wood (pat Hurd)

T — 11 yard rush Wood (pat Hurd)

T — 20 yard fumble recovery return Smith (pat Hurd)

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