Cowbelles visit Mesalands

The New Mexico Powder Horn Cowbelles recently visited Mesalands Community College for a tour of the foundry and the farrier barn. The New Mexico Powderhorn Cowbelles is an organization of ranch women from across the state who are dedicated to the preservation of the land and educating others about their love and understanding of the land. They also promote animal health and safety for all who use the land.

Courtesy photo

Caption. D'Jean Jawrunner, Fine Arts Faculty, center, and her students conduct a special bronze pour for the Cowbelles tour.

The Cowbelles invited Mildred Lovato, president of Mesalands, to attend their monthly meeting. She gave a presentation on the many unique academic opportunities offered at Mesalands. The Cowbelles then took a tour of the Mesalands facilities.

"I enjoyed watching the high school kids working with the metal as they made items like jewelry. The bronze pour was also very exciting." said Yeta Bidegain, a member of the New Mexico Cowbelles. "The tour was fantastic and the hospitality of the Mesalands staff made all of the difference. It was a great visit."

The Cowbelles toured the Mesalands foundry where they watched D'Jean Jawrunner, fine arts faculty at Mesalands, perform a special bronze pour for the visiting Cowbelles. Eddy Mardies, farrier science faculty at Mesalands, gave them a tour of the farrier barn. During their tour, a gnathology class was in progress and students from Tucumcari High School were manipulating metal in their artistic silversmithing class.

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