District attorney to give presentation on active shooting situations

The 10th Judicial District Attorney's office and Tucumcari Police Department will hold a lecture for the public concerning "active shooting" situations.

"The goal of the lecture is to educate everyone about what to do when there is a critical situation," said Pete Rivers, deputy chief of police.

The lecture, which will be held at 10 a.m., Nov. 2, at the Tucumcari High School Auditorium.

Rivera said the program will be directed by members of the Albuquerque Police Department's crisis response team. He said active shooting incidents have been increasing across the nation, the most recent being a Spa shooting in Wisconsin.

Rivera said with the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting and the recent bomb threats by students of an Albuquerque school proper training is essential to dealing with these types of incidents. He said the department's procedures regarding these types of incidents are outdated.

"We look forward to this lecture," Rivera said. "We want to take advantage of any information and training which will help us to better protect the public."

Rivera said this lecture is open to everyone, not just law enforcement. He said business owners, school administrator and staff could greatly benefit from the information.

Rivera said teachers and co-workers are the first to spot something is wrong. This lecture will give them a better idea of how to recognize and respond to an incident.

"I think any form of training or information which can help us to ensure the safety of the students and staff is great," said Aaron McKinney, superintendent, Tucumcari schools.

McKinney said members of the administration and staff plan on attending the lecture. He said they have worked with the police department in the past.

McKinney said they have run through a lock down at each school to familiarize the police with their procedures and layout of their buildings.

For more information about the lecture call investigator Frank Gutierrez at 461-2075.

Topics the lecture will cover:

  • History of Active Shooters
  • Lock down procedures
  • School responsibilities (administrators, staff and students)
  • Legal liability reference workplace violence
  • Tactical response to an active shooter and much more

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