No escape from negative campaign advertisements

The New York Yankees being swept by the Detroit Tigers, presidential debates and Honey Boo Boo; these are a few of the things that have prompted me to change the channel if not turn off the TV all together.

First of all let me say, "way to go Tigers and good luck." I'd ask you to stop smiling Robin Fornoff, though I know the torment has just begun.

I'm not to fond of an election year, the negative campaign wars, filled with hurtful commercials and mail pamphlets tend to wear me down.

You can't escape them. I've tried. Even when I turn off the TV the content can be found on the radio, Internet and billboards along the streets.

While most of the time I do my best to avoid a political discussion, I'll get caught up in the occasional debate where champions of both sides argue their points and then look to me for the supporting vote.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have an opinion and know how I am going to vote, though I have come to know the difference between a conversation and argument.

I think a conversation is an exchange of ideas and information based on one's point of view with the intent of sharing and gaining perspective on a topic. An argument is simply a contest, one where both sides must prove their position right and convert the other to their line of logic.

Now, politics like religion is a topic, which can quickly change from a conversation to an argument. People have been know to lose friends over such arguments, most recently people have been unfriending people on social media networks such as Facebook due to their political post.

I used to worry that someone was going to post about what they ate for dinner again or express how much they "love their wonderful snuggle bunny."

Though at this point I'd gladly take the constant changes in relationship status, Farmville requests and even the single gamers and Christians looking for love advertisements.

Two weeks. That is how long we have to wait until the madness begins to simmer down. Oh, I know there is still going to be controversy and arguments after the election, but like before it should gradually fade away.

Then I will have only one more thing to fear: Honey Boo Boo, getting another deal increasing her time on prime time TV.

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