Comments from the Canyons: College memories remain pleasant

Last weekend was a great one for this old Aggie. One more time I drove to Las Cruces to attend homecoming at New Mexico State University — my 57th — and to visit with some friends.

Of course, my first trip along University Avenue caused a major shock because of the heavy traffic, the many new buildings, and the thousands of students wandering around. Just inching my way down that avenue was a chore for the now small-town driver.

As always, I was remembering the early years; the wide open spaces, the few cars, students and faculty, and the relaxed pace throughout campus. Whereas, we might have a dozen cars owned by girls in the dorms, hundreds of cars were parked in that area as I drove by.

I had to drive to the campus to see the Horseshoe and the older buildings of my era. I even walked around for a while, stopping briefly at the English building to see what might be happening and to check on the office that I inhabited for so many years.

I later checked the map and discovered that I had the privilege of knowing 32 of the people for whom buildings were named. That lifted the spirits and reminded me of how much I had enjoyed those years on campus.

Saturday was the big day. First, I attended a service at Memorial Tower in recognition of those Aggies lost in WWII.

The tower was saved from destruction when the old football stadium was destroyed and has finally returned to its original use.

That ceremony was followed by the homecoming parade at which I met a number of Aggie friends, including Barbara Funkhouser who was celebrating her 60th year of graduation. We then went to the Golden Aggies Luncheon together and had fun visiting with other friends.

Throughout my stay, Debbie Widger, the best known Aggie throughout our land, took much of her valuable time to take this Aggie to lunch and to see that I was able to get from place to place. She travels all over the country visiting with Aggies and keeping us in touch with our university We are hoping she will visit our area during the winter because she usually brings a snow storm and manages to stay here longer than planned.

Such a change of scene makes me very aware of how much I enjoyed attending New Mexico College of A&MA and later finishing my teaching career at NMSU. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to be on campus when it was a small, friendly place at which we would see President Branson walking among us and would know most of the people we met as we went from class to class.

Times have changed, but memories remain very pleasant.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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