College board appoints signatories

Mesalands Community College's board of trustees Tuesday appointed a new signatory and board member of the college's foundation in response to Mildred Lovato's termination as president.

"(New appointment) Jim Streetman has served on the college's foundation before and we would benefit to have him back," said J Bronson Moore, trustees chair.

Trustees also approved the appointment of Vice President of Academic Affairs Natalie Gillard and Vice President of Student Affairs Aaron Kennedy as signatories, authorizing them to sign documents on behalf of the college.

Moore said these appointments are necessary to fill the void of Lovato's vacancy.

An update on the recent updating of the college's business office software and student services software was presented by Alex Villanueva, interim business manager.

"The check registries are a month behind why has the upgrade taken so long?" asked Streetman.

Villanueva said the staff is still trying to train on the new software, which has proven to be an undertaking in itself. She said steps are being taken to have all necessary staff trained with the software and students trained in how to access their online information such as grades.

Other items before the trustees;

  • Approval of meeting minutes: April 5 special meeting; Oct. 16 regular meeting; Oct. 22 special meeting; and an Oct. 31 special meeting.
  • Contract confirmation approvals:

Rose Chavez; retention specialist

Amber Ince; administrative support specialist

Amber McClure; director of enrollment management

Forrest Kaatz; math success specialist

Beth Sisneros; director of educational services center

Janice Aragon; project director

Joyce Garrett; educational services center facilitator

  • Approval of Faculty Senate Constitution
  • Review of Business administration and business office technology
  • Approval of Faculty senate; Emerita/Emeritus Policy
  • Approval of Capital project transmittal summary sheet for sale of modular home owned by college.
  • Annual financial aid award: 622 unduplicated students helped, for a total of $1,686,021. The percentages of aid distribution 64 percent federal ($1,077,158) 13 percent third party ($211,801), 12 percent state ($204,447) and 11 percent institutional($192,615).
  • Review of on campus rodeo by C.J. Aragon, intercollegiate rodeo coach
  • Presentation by Kim Hanna, public relations director, on publication of Mesalands' rodeo team in the New Mexico Sports Magazine.
  • Removal of Gillard as authorized signatory on checks signing from the First Bank of New Mexico to just include; Moore and Streetman.

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