Longhorns travel to Tatum for quarterfinals

The third seed Logan Longhorns will travel to play the second seed Coyotes Friday at Tatum in the quarterfinals of the 8-man state tournament.

"We did what we needed to do to advance past Mountainair now we are focused on Tatum," said Kene Terry Longhorns head coach.

Terry said the team will be looking to contain the Coyotes runningback Timmy Pearce, who has averaged 174 yards a game. He is a large part of their offense. They designed counters and play actions plays around him.

Terry said another key will be to control the tempo of the game. He said their tempo is at the opposite spectrum compared to the Coyotes.

"They like to take their time and run the clock down," Terry said. "We're more of a fast paced team and want to get every play in possible."

The (8-4) Longhorns moved on the quarterfinals after a 48-38 win Friday night against the sixth seed Mustangs.

The Longhorns and Mustangs offense were able to score at will during the first half. It was the Longhorns defense stepping up in the second half which was key to the win.

Mustangs running back Cimmaron Zamora, was hurt in the second half, the Longhorns defense had struggled in the first half to contain Zamora.

"We knew we had to stop Zamora," Terry said. "Stopping their offense was the only way we could pull away from them."

The loss of Zamora forced Mustangs coach Johnny Carson to pass which lead to two interceptions and try to advance the ball on fourth down.

"It really limited our options," Carson said. "We were down Zamora's ability to hold onto the ball was diminished."

Carson said the team kept fighting though their penalties and sacks on quarterback Trey Autrey forced them into long yardage situations.

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