Residents place flags on veterans’ graves

On Friday morning the community came together at the cemetery to put flags on the graves of our veterans.

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

Veterans Mucio Lopez and Dave Hine spent Friday morning put out flags on veterans graves.

VFW Commander Fred Porter said this year was a great turn out of supporters to help put out the flags.

Students in the National Honor Society volunteered this year to help put flags out, with about 15 kids showing up. Porter said that he was proud to see these young kids taking an interest in their community.

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

The National Honor Society Club volunteered their time Friday morning to put flags on graves.

Leonard Griego, forman of the cemetery said since he took over there has not been many people come out to help put flags out and he was very surprised at how many people there were to help with this project.

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