4-H holds awards dinner

Quay County 4-Hers held their 2012 achievement dinner and program on Saturday.

This is the time of year 4-Hers are rewarded for their hard work and special people and businesses are thanked for their support.

Honorary memberships were awarded to Gordan Runer, John Villalba, and Corbey MacKey.

Meritorious Service Awards were presented to Tucumcari Feedyard and Enterpipe.

Friend of 4-H Awards were presented to Dr. Jim Tompkins and Desmond Griggs.

The Parent/Leader of the Year was awarded to Jim Hayes of the Wrangler 4-H Club.

Cloverbud awards were presented to Henry Molyneaux and Jenna Lopez

Project award pins were presented to:


Taylor Atwood

Cody Massey


Kyle Hamilton

Jason Knight

Kyle Knight

Kaleb Hayes

Taylor Atwood

Ashlee Bradley

Market Lamb

Kyle Hamilton

Garrett Bollinger

Jason Knight

Kyle Knight


Trestin Peterson

Kyle Hamilton

Garrett Bollinger

Tianna Peterson

Dylon Ross

Jason Knight

Kyle Knight

Chase Hitson

Dyson Clark


Kyle Hamilton


Natalie Hayes

Market Beef

Bailey Smith

Brook Robertson

Kindal Smith

Aleahna Branch

Cattle Breeding

Rebecca Rush

Market Swine

Kyle Hamilton

Garrett Bollinger

Kindal Smith

Dog Care

Kaleb Hayes

Natalie Hayes

Amber Rivera

Taylor Hayes


Trestin Peterson

Garrett Bollinger

Tianna Peterson

Dylon Ross

Kaleb Hayes

Gares Lopez

Jonathon Clark

Amber Rivera

Taylor Hayes

Wood Science

Tianna Peterson


Rebecca Rush

Ashlee Bradley

Amber Rivera


Kaleb Hayes

Ashlee Bradley

Taylor Hayes

Welcome to 4-H

Gares Lopez

Natalie Hayes


Amanda Kanapilly


Ashlee Bradley


Trestin Peterson

Tianna Peterson


Trestin Peterson

Tianna Peterson


Rebecca Rush

Tianna Peterson

Natalie Hayes

Achievement awards were presented to

Brook Robertson – First year

Dyson Clark – First year

Kindal Smith – Novice

Dylan Ross – Novice

Rebecca Rush – Junior

Bailey McKnight – Junior

Ashlee Bradley – Senior

Randall Rush – Senior

Outstanding 4-Hers of the Year were presented to:

Amanda Kanapilly – First year

Garrett Bollinger – First year

Kyle Knight – Novice

Tianna Peterson – Novice

Bailey Smith – Junior

Trestin Peterson – Junior

Taylor Hayes – Senior

Wyatt Bishop – Senior

Outstanding Secretary – Tianna Peterson

Outstanding Treasurer – Dylan Ross

The 2013 New Mexico Salute to Excellence Volunteer of the Year is Tim Bishop.

I Dare You Awards were presented to Joesph Schallert and Riley Young

Gold Star award was presented to Bethany Bishop

Collegiate awards were presented to Carmen Runyan and Taylor Atwood

The 2011/2012 officer team was presented with outgoing officer pins. They were:

Bethany Bishop– President

Jordan Runyan – Vice President

Ashlee Bradley – Secretary

Reagan Runyan – Treasurer

Blake Moon – Reporter

Taylor Atwood – Parliamentarian

Kyle Hamilton – Historian

Amber Rivera – Song and Recreation Leader

A new officer team was installed with a movie-related ceremony. They are:

Bethany Bishop – President

Ashlee Bradley – Vice President

Jordan Runyan – Secretary

Taylor Hayes – Treasurer

Reagan Runyan – Reporter

Jason Knight – Historian

Kyle Knight – Song and Recreation Leader

Kyle Hamilton – Parliamentarian

Completion and Leader Awards were presented by club.

Those receiving year pins were:

C-C Club


Aleahna Branch 6

Kyle Hamilton 3

Skylar Black 2

Garrett Bollinger 1

Grady Loveland 1


Patty Nelson 1

Dody Nunez 1

Kerri Bollinger 1

Justin Bollinger 1

Tara Fenton 1

Desmond Griggs 1

Levi Loveland 1

Kim Molyneaux 1

Chris Molyneaux 1

Sheila Branch 5

Paul Branch 5

Hi Plains Club


Macey Moon 7

Kyeli Stowe 7

Shaylee Moon 5

Jordyn Stowe 4

Treyson Runyan 4

Dawson Moon 3


Clint Runyan 1

Terrill Stowe 1

Heather Runyan 1

Shana Stowe 1

Clyde Moon 10

Rachelle Moon 10

Quay Broncs Club


Taylor Atwood 11

Joseph Schallert 6

Ashlee Bradley 6

Roadrunners Club:


Carmen Runyan 11

Jordan Runyan 9

Reagan Runyan 5

Trestin Peterson 4

Bailey McKnight 2

Tiana Peterson 2

Dylan Ross 2


Angel Kitcheyan 1

Phil McKnight 1

Tumbleweeds Club


Bailey Smith 5

Brook Valentine 3

Kaylee Bruhn 3

Kyle Knight 3

Gage Bruhn 2

Jason Knight 2

Haidyn Phillips 2

Trevor Brooks 1

Kambry Burns 1

Jordan Hines 1

Chase Hittson 1

Amanda Kanapilly 1

Paige Moralez 1

Brook Robertson 1

Kindal Smith 1

Karli Webb 1

Zane Phillips CB


Rebecca Moralez 1

Bryan Rinestine 1

Andrea Rinestine 1

Charlotte Stull 1

Jack Phillips 1

Wranglers Club


Bethany Bishop 10

Randall Rush 9

Cody Massey 8

Wyatt Bishop 6

Taylor Hayes 6

Dillon Massey 6

Rebecca Rush 4

Jonathan Clark 3

Estephan Garcia 3

Kaleb Hayes 3

Dyson Clark 2

Natalie Hayes 2

Kinley Jaynes 2

Amber Rivera 2

Gares Lopez 1


Tammy Lopez 1

Steve McClure 1

Amber McClure 1

Ralph Lopez 1

Clay Moyers 1

Todd Smith 1

Brenda Bishop 10

Tim Bishop 10

Sam Dunlap 35

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