Free dumping draws more than 50

More than 50 residents took advantage of free dumping Saturday at the old Tucumcari landfill.

This event was a success with a total of 4.6 tons of waste deposited at the old landfill, said Veronica Sandy, city code enforcement officer.

"This is double the amount of waste which was taken in during the last free dumping held in spring," Sandy said.

Sandy said residents were able to dump items in the old landfill by presenting a current water bill from the city. She said many of the items dumped were those problem items (furniture metal and tree limbs), which at times were left in alleys for pick up.

Sandy said residents would place these items out in the alley and city crews at times are not able to dispose of them. She said sometimes there have been instances where waste has been dumped at abandoned property.

"This is not fair to the property owner," Sandy said. "The owner is left to the clean up and possibly pay the violation cost."

"I think this shows…residents are doing their part to help clean up the town," said Robert Lumpkin, city commissioner.

Lumpkin said he has noticed the owners have cleaned up many properties around the town. He said these types of events show residents and the city departments are working to improve our city.

Sandy said this not only saved the residents money but the city as well and cleared a lot of waste, which could have been in alleyways. She said she would approach the commission to consider approving another day of free trash dumping in the spring.

Sandy said she also held a community clean up "Tas no Mas" event on Saturday which many residents participated in. She said she wanted to thank all those who came out and helped with the event.

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