About 25 attend Mobile Office Day

Lt. Gov. John Sanchez stopped in Tucumcari on Tuesday to listen to citizen concerns.

About 25 people attended Mobile Office Day. Some asked Sanchez about the Ute Lake pipeline project and what will be done during the 60-day session of the Legislature, starting in January. Sanchez said the project was a concern of Gov. Susana Martinez would be discussed during the session.

Other concerns were the wind energy project south of Grady, the Workmans Compensation agriculture exemption, production tax credit, funding cuts for the arts. Some suggested that state grants are needed to ensure the community would still be able to have the arts taught to children to enhance their education.

Stella Beltran said she was unable to get the help she needed to assist senior citizens in Quay County. She said she was always getting the run around when she called for help and wanted Sanchez to help her.

Daniel Lopez expressed his concerns about drug problems in the county. He said the personnel resources are here but nothing was being done. Lopez said that there are no longer any undercover officers pursuing the drug problem and asked Sanchez to get Quay County the help needed to control the problem.

Sanchez said he and the Martinez would be working to help the citizens of Quay County with all of the problems that were brought to him. Sanchez took a short time after to meet with citizens to talk to them further about their concerns.

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