Comments from the Canyons: Small-town living beats life in fast lane

Through the years, we have visited about the joys of living in a small town and have had the pleasure of trying to explain some of those joys to people who cannot imagine life in such a sparsely populated area.

Friends from cities still cannot believe I actually chose to return home after retiring, nor can they believe I have remained here.

Well, those of us who appreciate our surroundings are much aware that we love this place because of the place itself and because of the wonderful people who live here. We enjoy life in the slow lane and feel free to drive around to admire the scenery and to see what activities are going on both in town and in the county. We rarely feel that we have to hurry to get our chores done so we can have ample time to drive to work or to visit a friend. Also, as we drive around, we see many friends doing the same thing and taking the time to wave in passing. We meet and greet friends in all business establishments and exchange the news of the day.

In most places we are recognized and treated cordially. For instance, Georgia Crespin always greets me with a smile when I drive in to cash a check. She made me aware of my habit of going on the same day each week.

I hadn't paid attention to that, but realized she surely was correct. I just naturally run out of change on that day. Recently, she even handed me some mail that had been delivered to the bank by mistake. Now, how often would that happen in a city?

Georgia knows exactly how I want the change, thus giving us more time to exchange a few words without having to interrupt to ask for directions. She always inquires about my heath, and I let her know I am just as interested in her well-being. She was delighted to report the birth of a great grandchild and to give a great description of the little one. We usually exchange various tidbits of news.

Georgia is an outstanding example of the types of people with whom we are acquainted in our area. She represents the ones who really care about the businesses they represent, and lets us know our business is appreciated. She makes us eager to return the next time we need to tend to a task. She also is the kind of person who makes life in a small town so special and so rewarding.

Let's thank Georgia and those whom she represents for making our lives here so great and for treating us as real people when we are in their establishment. A warm greeting and a friendly smile will show any doubters why we so enjoy living in Tucumcari and Quay County.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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