Looking back – December 1969

Four armed robbers were captured by the New Mexico State Police and Quay County Sheriffs office. The four men robbed the Cedar Hill Grocery store 16 miles east of Tucumcari.

The men pulled a razor on store owner Charlie Murrary and tied him to a bed in the back of the store. The four men took the cash from the register, two shotguns, two hand guns, silverware and stole Murrary's car. The four men were spotted near the Caprock where the State Police began to chase the stolen vehicle.

The chase exceeded 100 mile per hour at times but the four men were captured at a road block two miles north of Broadview set up by State Police from Clovis. The four suspects were taken to the Quay County jail to await arraignment


President of the Noon Day Lions Jim Dow presented a check to Carolyn Clark for the Quay County Association of Special Education.

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