Meetings Watch – Dec. 12

Arch Hurley Conservancy

Arch Hurley Conservancy District met Tuesday and took the following action:

  • The board of directors approved the minutes of the November 13th meeting.
  • The managers report noted the Conchas Dam water level is at 4,156.0 feet with a loss of 792 acre feet. • The board learned that on Nov. 27, grants were approved for $830,000.
  • The board also learned:
  • Nov. 29 inspections were made of areas where bentonite has been used.
  • On Dec. 3, certified letters were mailed out on three plus years of water assessments and users have 90 days to pay.
  • Dec. 5 employees burned cattails in canals.
  • Dec. 6 repairs were finished on the syphons.
  • Dec. 10 pumps were started at Conchas Dam.
  • On Dec. 19 there will be a legislative reception for state legislators Dennis Roch, Pete Campos and Pat Woods at the Convention Center.
  • Insurance coverage has been changed from an agent in Albuquerque to an agent in Tucumcari. Workman's compensation in 2012 was at a rate of $28,000 and in 2013 the rate will be $15,000 a year. The rate reduction is being because no injuries were reported by employees.
  • Resolution 2012-003 to conform with the New Mexico Open Meetings Act was approved for 2013.
  • Custom work was approved by the directors to work at Conchas Dam at a rate of $140 an hour for 40 to 60 hours a week on clean up at the dam.
  • Employee holiday bonuses were approved by the directors of $500 per each employee.
  • There will be a Christmas dinner for all Arch Hurley employees at 5:30 p.m. Thursday in the District Two fire station on Norton road.

— QCS staff

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