Riders fill shopping list in Tucumcari

Members of the Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally Committee from Las Vegas, N.M., spent Saturday in Tucumcari shopping for needy kids in their community.

William Sanchez, coordinator, Elmer Martinez, Mike Fields and four other members were at Alco to do their shopping for these kids for Christmas. Sanchez said the Alco store in Las Vegas had closed down and they looked for another Alco store near them and found the one in Tucumcari.

Martinez said that they contacted Brian Woodward, manager of Alco and told him what they planned on doing.

QCS Staff Photo: Jerrene Bradley

Members of the Rough Rider Motorcyle Committee of Las Vegas, N.M., spent much of Saturday Christmas shopping in Tucumcari for needy children in their community.

Woodward said he was more than happy to help them out with these gifts for the kids and his staff had a faxed copy of the kids names and the items that they wanted. His employees on Friday started getting all the items on the list ready for the committee to pick up on Saturday.

Fields said it was great of the employees to do the shopping for them as it saved them several hours. Each child will receive five items including pants, shirt, jacket, shoes and a toy.

Martinez said they bought for 41 kids and spent more than $2,000 on the gifts. He said they received donations from Commerce First Bank in Las Vegas and also used money from fundraisers the rally committee held through the year.

This is the fifth year the committee has been doing this and Martinez says it gets better each year.

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