Street repair bid tabled

A need to understand the selection process prompted city commissioners to table the awarding of a $196,048 bid for repair on Whitmore Street.

Commissioners tabled one of two agenda items to be voted on Thursday following the concerns expressed by commissioner Daniel Lopez.

Lopez said there needs to be a review of the city's criteria and grading process for awarding bids on infrastructure projects.

"How can we be fiscally responsible on behalf of the residents if we are not familiar or involved with these processes," Lopez said.

Lopez said the commission needs to be more involved in the awarding of the bids than just simply voting on which company to hire. He said there is not much of a choice to be made as a commissioner when a presentation is made with only one company listed for the bid.

Lopez said there has been hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions that has gone to outside bidders.

"This is an issue which I have been concerned about for a long time," said Sandoval.

Sandoval said commissioners need to work together to see what can be done, and possibly see to it that some bids are awarded to local companies.

The commission voted to have the companies which submitted a bid for the Whitmore project give a presentation at the Jan 10. meeting.

Before the meeting a work session shall be held where the commission shall review the criteria and procedures of the awarding process, said Amiel Curnutt, mayor.

Other items before the commission:

  • A lease agreement was renewed between U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan and the City of Tucumcari for use of office space at the Chamber of Commerce to house a local district office.

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