Folk who donated time, effort deserve gratitude

I was recently on Facebook and came across a woman who said that she and the man she takes care of were needing a Christmas dinner delivered and wondered if there was a church or organization who could help them out.

She did some checking and found that there was no one who could help them.

I started talking to different people and found that in our community there really are people here that are willing to help people in a time of need.

I was given some money donations to help get them food for their freezer and to help stock their cabinets with canned goods. One lady I talked to said she had already bought them their entire Christmas dinner, so I was able to buy them all kinds of groceries to fill their refrigerator and cabinets.

In this time of such tragedy and sorrow all around the world it is nice to know that people will still come together when someone is in need.

From those with money to give and those who took food for these wonderful people it was truly the most heart warming feeling a person can have when you see the look on the faces of those who you help. I was honored to help be a part of this and blessed to have been able to meet these people.

For everyone that helped bring this together, I want to express my sincere gratitude to each of you for all the help that was given.

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