Two Tucumcari residents brave cold for a better tan

When most people take a snow day they tend to stay inside where it's warm and catch up on their DVR recordings or reading.

However, Tucumcari residents Rich Encinias and Kheldon Sherwood felt the 31 degree day would be better spent outdoors, in swim shorts, sunglasses and flip flops getting a tan.

As the two sat in their lawn chairs, people stared from adjacent businesses and drove by probably asking the same question as I 'Why'?

"It was my idea," Sherwood said. "I just thought why not go out and get a tan."

Encinias said the day was too nice to waste by sitting inside. He said the sun and conditions were perfect.

"Once the initial shock of the cold passes it's not all that bad," Encinias said.

"The wind has been the biggest factor," Sherwood said. "It looks worse then it feels."

Encinias said it may be cold and the wind might cause them to shutter, though if they get a good tan it will be worth it.

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