Comments from the canyons: Pleasant experiences mean more to look forward to

As we have reiterated through the years, living in a rural area is just great. We never know what will happen next, but we can bet we will have a new adventure or two almost every day.

Those who have not lived here very long will learn how much fun we can have while just going about our daily routines.

Although going grocery shopping is not a favorite activity for many of us, we do have the opportunity to visit with friends and to learn what is going on in our area. I was heading that way to look for something to quell the appetite and saw a friend taking her groceries to her vehicle.

Well, I wasn't quite prepared for her greeting. As I rounded the corner, she just looked up and said, "I thought that was your shadow approaching."

Her remark caused me to pause because I didn't remember ever having my shadow recognized before I ambled into view.

Obviously, my friend is quite observant and is not a person who can be tooled very easily. I doubt that would have happened in a heavily populated area. I probably wouldn't have even seen a friend in such a place.

After I entered the store, a woman approached and asked if I were the woman from lma. Within thirty feet and a few minutes, I had two pleasant experiences. Obviously, some people recognize the person in the picture at the top of this column. I admitted to being guilty and enjoyed a nice visit with one of the readers.

She said she and her husband had even taken the time to drive out to see those canyons and had discovered another beautiful area of our county.

While having dinner at Del's, I was approached by a man whom I had noticed sitting at the next table.

He asked if he could say a few words, and I agreed that he certainly could. He mentioned his amazement at a conversation he had just overheard between a young server and me, not only because she was a young person but because she wasn't even waiting on our table. She had dashed by to talk about her experiences. He seemed to think it unusual that two people of such differing ages could have such a lively and interesting conversation.

Of course, I was surprised to hear such remarks because I am rarely aware of age when I am visiting with people. Yes, I note the difference in our ages but don't focus on it because I am accustomed to visiting with people of all ages and having subjects of interest in common with them. The man was probably more surprised that I could even understand the interests of a young person than that we could chat back and forth. He could not have known just how many young people I have visited with in this ever lengthening life. A teacher is just naturally drawn to young people and is pleased when they continue to respond as our ages grow farther apart.

You can add your own experiences to these three and see just how much you have enjoyed the beginning of a new year and how much you have to look forward to as the days pass. What fun!

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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