Rattlers to host Timberwolves Thursday

QCS Photo: Thomas Garcia

Rattlers Cody Ryen is boxed in by Bears defenders after recovering his own rebound.

The (6-4) Tucumcari Rattlers and (3-9) Lady Rattlers will host the (2-9) East Mountain Timberwolves and (5-7) Lady Timberwolves at 6 p.m., Thursday at Rattler Gym.

On Thursday they won, 73-51, against the (3-4) Estancia Bears and Saturday they routed the (6-7) Springer Red Devils, 70-34.

The team needs to continue to work on controlling the ball and eliminating turnovers, said John Span, Rattlers head coach.

Span said the team needs to be aggressive and move to attack the basket quicker. He said the team spend too much time dribbling and passing the ball, creating situations for the defense to come away with the ball.

QCS Photo: Thomas Garcia

Rattlers Chris Crespin goes up for the layup following the steal during Thursday's 73-51 win over the Estancia Bears.

"We need to be disciplined on both sides of the ball," Span said.

Span said the needless fouls gave the visiting Estancia Bears a chance to get back into the game. He said towards the end, the team was not getting to the back side of the press and that was leaving someone open for the Bears to score at the back end of the play.

QCS Photo: Thomas Garcia

Zach McElroy moves to cut off the base line after Bear's

Joseph Luna secured the rebound during Thursday's 73-51 loss to the Rattlers.

"It has always been our game plan to get behind the press, though early on we just were not quick enough to do that," said Robert McCaskill, Bears head coach.

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