Thomas: May be tough to choose who to cheer for

Super Bowl Sunday. I can't help but smile when I say those three wonderful words.

Sure it would be even better if the Green Bay Packers were one of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl, but alas like many great teams they didn't make the cut.

I'm a fan of football and the prestige that comes from the honor of being able to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.

Every year the Super Bowl has some sort of element of excitement and uniqueness that makes it a spectacle not only fans enjoy, but millions of viewers around the world as well.

This coupled with the commercials and half time shows makes for one blockbuster evening.

This year's element is the fact that the game has become a family affair. The head coaches of each team are brothers. Now I'm not just talking brothers in the coaching sense. I mean brothers as in, Mom, he wont share the Oreos with me, kind of brother.

Jim Harbaugh is the head coach of the San Francisco 49er's representing the National Football Conference and John Harbaugh is the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens representing the American Football Conference.

I can only imagine what their parents are going through as the big day approaches. They probably have been subject to hundreds of interviews and been asked the ever looming question "Who are you rooting for?"

I'm sure parents reading this can relate when they have two children competing in a sport on opposite teams and come up against one another.

You want to be the best parent possible and support both, but in the end you know one is going to win and the other lose. Though I'm sure an encouraging word and comforting hug from mom and dad will help ease the pain of that loss and get them carrying on with their lives.

However, this game is on the main stage of the world with millions of viewers tuning in and if that is not enough the pinnacle of prizes is at stake, the Holy Grail of football if you will.

The two teams have outstanding offenses and defenses which have proven themselves against the best of the league in the playoffs.

It stands to be a great game, the greatest of games which only comes once a year. Though I find myself unable to decide or choose who I would like see win the game.

I thought it would be a simple choice, but that's not the case at all. I suppose I am going to have to choose eventually which team to cheer for, though part of me wants to simply sit back, watch the game and hold true to one of the oldest of sporting sayings "May the best team win."

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