Tucumcari voters agree to extend tax

One incumbent was ousted in Logan Tuesday and voters in Tucumcari said yes to extending a two-mill tax levy to support schools.

"These results are unofficial until the canvassing," said Veronica Marez, Quay County Clerk.

In Logan Position 4 and 5 were contested races, while position 3 incumbent Bryan Roch had no opposition winning position 3 by 225. The total number of voters casting their ballot in Logan were 270.

In position 4 incumbent Bill Cone was defeated by William Scott Osborn by a count of 148 to 119 votes.

"I have been very honored to have served as the position 4 board member for the past eighth years." Cone said

Cone said his utmost concern is for what is best for the district and he is confident that Osborn will do a great job.

"I'm tickled right now, and would like to congratulate all those who won," Osborn said.

Osborn said he is ready to do what needs to be done to best serve as a school board member. He said Cone has done a great job, and he commends him for all that he had accomplished while in that position.

In Position 5 incumbent Thomas Humble won defeating challenger Larry Webb by a count of 145 to 116 votes.

"It would have been better if more had turned out to vote," Webb said.

Webb said running for the board position was well worth the cause and he will see how things turn out for the future. He said he is happy for Humble and congratulates him on the win.

"I am looking forward to serving four more years as a school board member for Logan," Humble said.

Humble said he appreciates the support of the voters and the opportunity to represent the residents and hopes to do a good job.

House Position 2 was a contested race between incumbent Hilous Hargrove and write-in candidate Rachelle Moon.

Marez said there has been an issue concerning the write in votes and the results for the House School board election will not be available until Wednesday morning.

The Tucumcari School Board election saw the passing of the continuation of the two mill levy by a vote of 114 to 39. Superintendent Aaron McKinney was not immediately available for comment.

Total voters 153

District 2

Christopher Burch 22

District 3

Leif Gray 26

San Jon

Total voters 40

Position 1

Franklin Gibson 40

Position 3

Cynthia Lee 36

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