Meetings watch: Quay County Commission

The following items were before the Quay County Commission on Monday:

  • Discussion of an appeal request for the Saddleback Acres Subdivision with Tenth Judicial District Attorney Tim Rose.
  • Discussion with David Frank, 12 Shores Representative, requesting an election to serve alcohol on Sundays at the 12 Shores Resort Clubhouse.
  • Monthly activity report from Larry Cooksey, Quay County undersheriff, and

road updates from Larry Moore, Quay County road superintendent.

  • Approved 2012-2013 Resolution No. 19, budget increase for Road Department Fund 402.
  • Approved of 2012-2013 Resolution No. 20, budget increase for ASAP-Other Charges Fund 516.
  • Assignment of Tom Dominguez and Richard Primrose to represent Quay County Commission for the Roswell public hearing regarding the listing of the lesser prairie chicken as a threatened species.

— Compiled by QCS senior writer Thomas Garcia

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