Thomas: In memory of a friend gone to soon

I still have days, where I wish I would walk into the newsroom to see you in a Yoga stance or even spend my lunch waiting for you to finish your salad.

It's been a year and the office still feels a bit gray, since that cold bitter morning the good Lord took you away.

Catherine, I can only hope your still watching from above, time-to-time telling the big guy not to be so hard on us.

It still makes me a bit angry to know you were taken away while doing a good deed. You had such compassion for those animals in need of a second chance. In fact you wouldn't even think twice about making that same trip if given a second chance.

I was remembering that time we all were sitting around the table and had a great laugh. Discussing the speed or the lack thereof, in which you ate. You said, "I was raised to eat that way." We were laughing so hard we cried when I asked, "Were you raised by turtles?"

I also recall those nights when you braved the microphone, singing with such passion and glee. I can only imagine what it would be like now, since the collection of songs we have has since grown. There are a few duets I know you and Amanda would have owned. I can't help but think you'd step up to sing some Elton John. We even have Roy Orbison.

We didn't realize just how precious these memories would come to be, figuring it'd be several years before you left. I thought we'd spend last summer on your porch while Miss Beagle and Sir Bugg were roaming around getting into all kinds of sorts.

I know Amanda and Bonnie and so many others would have appreciated having you around this past year. You were so supportive, ready to lend a hand and at times you were brutally honest telling us what we needed to hear.

You really made an impact on the lot of us, so much so when you left you took a part of us.

Last year I won an award, for a column I wrote about how much we'd miss you. It's the proudest award I have received since I began to write, though I'd give it up in a heartbeat to have you back here with us.

Helen Catherine "Cat" Priddy-Bugg, April 29, 1960 – Feb. 11, 2012.

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