Thomas: Longing for spring showers

I know I'm not alone when I say I can't hardly wait for the warmth of spring. Give me thunderstorms, give me hail. I'll even take a power outage or two. In case you haven't heard or read I don't like the cold. In fact, I despise the snow. If it weren't for the need […]

Comments from the canyons: Humor has many uses

Although many of you did not know my father, those of you who did will remember that he liked to tease people and to play practical jokes. He and Uncle Herman would surround themselves with laughter as they teased back and forth. As I began to do a little growing in those canons, Dad taught […]

Lauriault: We need not be afraid of our own shadows

Well, if Punxsutawney Phil had been in our area last Saturday morning, he would've seen his shadow and scurried back into his hole, telling us there'd be a long six more weeks of winter. If he hadn't seen his shadow (which was the case where Phil lives in Pennsylvania), he would've stayed out indicating that […]

Bus driver reports Tucumcari student with gun

New Mexico State Police are investigating an incident involving a teenager accused of possessing a firearm at Tucumcari Middle School. On Jan. 29, a bus driver who had completed his route reported to a school secretary that a student was carrying a gun in a backpack, said Aaron McKinney, Tucumcari's school superintendent. It wasn't immediately […]