Sen. Pat Woods appreciated input

An open letter to residents of District 7:

You told me what needs to be fixed and I am working on your behalf to fix them in Santa Fe.

I have been told there aren't many new ideas up here, but I have to tell you, your bold ideas and vital concerns are new and they are shaking things up in Santa Fe. I am presenting them on your behalf to protect our way of life in eastern New Mexico.

You all know about the outcry over the mismanagement of much of the lands the federal government has control of in our state. Forests are over grown and burning up, causing devastating damage, and thus our watersheds are severely threatened.

Other federal land is set completely idle without any logging, grazing or recreational opportunities and no property taxes being paid to New Mexico.

With this and the endangered species act it is obvious the economic welfare of New Mexico citizens is not a priority of our federal government.

In Senate Bill 404, I requested a task force be created to study the impact and process of transferring control of the lands owned by the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service from the feds to the state of New Mexico. Other states have already passed similar legislation.

I have supported a joint resolution that has been introduced to allow the public to elect New Mexico State and University of New Mexico regents rather than have the governor appoint all of them. Let's give the citizens of New Mexico the opportunity to elect those that have the experience, vision, and strong desire to help create new and better ideas to improve our universities.

Other bills I have sponsored are:

  • SB 268 is a bill addressing fertilizer application labeling.
  • SB 185 is a frontier communities program that will fund improvements for municipalities of 5,000 population or less.
  • SB 437 defines the time frame required for releasing information about a potential new business that our counties, municipalities or economic development professionals may be working with.
  • SB 275 is a bill to correct language in the Workers Compensation Act that makes it easier for both employees and employers to comply with the law.
  • SB 344 is a bill requesting confidentiality of some information submitted to the state for Game and Fish licensees.

I co-sponsored HJR 4, which better defines marriage as being between one woman and one man.

I have requested capital outlay funds that will improve water systems and county roads and purchase much needed equipment.

I want to thank those that have come by and visited with me during the session and those that have called, emailed or written letters because I represent you. I need to hear your ideas and I appreciate your input.

Sen. Pat Woods, R-Broadview, represents Curry, Quay and Union counties. Contact him at:

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