Thomas: Better decision-making can lead to horror-movie survival

You know that moment when you start screaming at the TV because the character in a horror movie is about to do something stupid.

I'm not sure if it is a form of Tourette syndrome, but I'm pretty sure we have all done it while watching a scary movie.

You know those situations, when a person hears a noise in the darkest part of the house and decided, "I should investigate that noise while wearing a robe and using my cell phone as a flash light."

One of my favorites is when they go in to the woods and suddenly decide you know what, this would be a great time not to tell anyone that I am going to wander the woods aimlessly, carrying a flashlight with half dead batteries.

While they are walking they hear a noise, get spooked and nine times out of 10, they run the opposite way of the campsite.

If you haven't guessed it yet I'm talking about the Friday the 13th movie series. Yes, I know that's the plot of the first movie, though you can't tell me by part two not one of those people going on the trip didn't look up Crystal Lake and what it might offer campers.

What, they just opened an atlas of the state, closed their eyes and pointed to a lake and said "OK, we'll go there, it looks legit."

When they asked about the lake did no one say, "Yeah, it has a cozy abandoned summer camp, which is the site of a series of murders involving teens."

The only thing worse then that is those people who go upstairs during a chase scene.

Quick you're in danger, go to the one part of the house, which you're virtually trapped in and must jump from a window to escape. I especially enjoy seeing them run right past the front or back door as they make their way to the stairs.

Though I will say the grand prize winner of what not to do in a scary movie goes to the suggestion of splitting up.

There is something wrong. So, instead of everyone leaving, we are going to get to the bottom of this and that requires we split up.

Somewhere in the shadows the killer has to be laughing to himself while thanking the beer, pot and lack of common sense.

While I hope I'm never in a horror movie situation, I can promise that I will not be the one who gets killed while trying to figure out what's making the noise is in the basement while the light isn't working.

Thomas Garcia is a senior writer at the Quay County Sun. E-mail him at

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