Press release: Tucumcari Rancher Confirmed by Senate for State Game Commission

Santa Fe- The New Mexico State Senate unanimously confirmed the appointment of Tucumcari rancher Scott Bidegain as a member of the State Game Commission.

Bidegain was sponsored by Senator Pat Woods (R-Broadview). He told his Senate colleagues that Bidegain is the epitome of a cowboy who has close encounters with wildlife.

"If you look up the definition of a cowboy you would have a picture of Scott Bidegain. He is a true American icon," Senator Woods said on the Senate floor today. "He is also very close to wildlife as evidenced by the brace on his hand from a mountain lion bite that broke his hand."

Bidegain said he was rescuing his dogs from a cave on his property when he came upon a mountain lion and the mountain lion bit him.

Senator Woods said the Game Commission is fortunate to have someone of the Bidegain's to serve for four years on the seven member commission.

Bidegain, 33, said he will work towards a balanced approach on the State Game Commission, "Wildlife comes first, no one else will look out for them."

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