Iron pour draws folk from all over

Mesalands Community College's annual iron pour was a success thanks to the dedication and experience of those who return each year, officials said.

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

Students pour hot iron into molds that they made.

More than four dozen took part in the week-long event, which culminated Friday with the melting and pouring of the iron.

"The main reason we have been able to hold such a large successful pour for 15 years is because of the people who return to help," said D'Jean Jawrunner, fine arts instructor.

Jawrunner said there are many people have been through the process and procedures of the iron pour going back a decade. She said those experienced in the event take new comers under their wing, keeping the event running smoothly while providing a safe environment.

The iron pour has two furnaces, which melt cast iron at 2,800 degrees to a molten liquid state. The iron is then poured into mold filled with wax sculptures or sand molds, which cool and are opened to reveal each artists creation.

"It's so good to see those who I have come to know so well return to the iron pour," Jawrunner said.

The event is so much more than an iron pour, there is a social aspect to it, said Josh "Butters" Hendren of Alamosa, Colo.

Hendren, who has attended the iron pour since 2005, said has a degree in psychology and is fascinated by human behavior. He said the event is an extraordinary example of communication and teamwork.

Jawrunner said it also exciting to see the reaction of people who join the pour for the first time. She said the addition of new personalities keeps it interesting and makes the event a wonderful experience.

The chance to see New Mexico and take part in an iron pour is what drew Linnea Campbell from Cincinnati, Ohio, to annual event.

Campbell, a fine arts student at the University of Cincinnati, said she has taken part in brass and aluminum pours. She said she has enjoyed being a part of the iron pour and is impressed with the number of people who attended and the number of projects completed.

"I wanted to commend D'Jean Jawrunner, founder of this fantastic event, for her hard work, dedication and perseverance," said Natalie Gillard, vice president of academic affairs. "This year was the best year ever. A special thanks to the community in their ongoing support and participation for this annual event."

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