County commission holds meetings on road

The Quay County Commission held their regular meeting in Nara Visa and plan on holding meetings in San Jon and House to reach out to the communities they represent.

"We appreciate the commissioners coming out to Nara Visa," said Renee Rinestine.

Local issues brought before the commission pertained to the maintenance of county roads.

There has been a steel rail placed off the fence line of Quay Road AF at mile marker 62, said Mike Martin, Nara Visa resident.

Martin said he also had questions about the status of a road, which he had an archeological survey completed on.

Bryant said the commission would look into the matters and address them at a future meeting.

Joann Hughes said when the road was bladed, there was a pile of dirt obstructing a portion of her driveway on Quay Road 93.

Hughes said she was going to bring the matter up to the commissioners during the meeting though much to her surprise that morning the issue had been corrected.

"It's not often we have an issue brought before the commission which is fixed in the same day," Bryant said.

Road Improvements on Quay Road 64 have been completed with a project total of $456,603, said Darla Munsell, county Community Development Block Grant coordinator.

Munsell said the project was to improve the road surface and drainage on QR 64, which is used as a school bus route and by city and county residents. She said a $300,000 CDGB grant and $156,603 match by the county paid the project.

The annual county mileage certification is ready to be submitted to the New Mexico Department of Transportation with the total number of county road mileage being 1,114.7 miles, said Larry Moore, county road superintendent.

The Quay County Family Medical Clinic had a total of 5,132 office visits in 2012, said Becky Wallace, Presbyterian Medical Services administrator.

Wallace said of those patients seen 1,203 were uninsured and were on a sliding scale. She said the primary reason the clinic is there is for those without insurance and no other means of medical service.

Wallace said about 25% of the patients do have insurance, Medicare or Medicaid and they will not turn any patient away. She said currently they are looking for a new health care provider to be stationed at the clinic.

Bryant said it is a great service the clinic provides to the county residents. He said the number of patients the clinic served and were able to help last year is impressive.

"I hope you are able to locate a provider in order to continue providing this service to the residents," Bryant said.

Other items before the commission:

  • Appointment of Keith Bowen and Rex Kirksey to the Property Tax Protest Board.
  • Approved PERA Reports for Rural I, Rural II, Rural III, Jordan and Porter volunteer fire departments.
  • Approved 2013-2014 Law Enforcement Protection Funds Application for $23,600.

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