Local store burglarized for second time

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

The front door of the Smoking Body Jewelry store in Tucumcari is boarded up after a burglary the owner says he lost about $800 worth of merchandise.

An estimated $800 in merchandise was stolen Sunday night by at least one thief who kicked in a door at the Smoking Body Jewelry store and was caught on video tape, according to owner Lee Smith.

Smith has security cameras set up in the store and captured the robber stealing for about three minutes. He said it shows the thief going through everything in the store.

Smith said there was a blood stain where someone cut themselves, then poured bleach on the stain. The front door was kicked in, breaking the glass behind a wire grate covering.

Smith ran the video showing the face of the person. He was wearing a gray hoodie underneath a blue and black plaid jacket.

Smith said that it is the second time the store has been burglarized.

Courtesy photo

This is a picture of the burglary suspect caught on video as he goes through the Smoking Body Jewelry Store on Sunday night.

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