DAR honors outstanding women

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

Hazel Grace Reid was presented a certificate by the DAR's Susan Tayloy on Friday honoring here as one of the outstanding Women in History.

Two women were honored for Outstanding Women in History.

Hazel Grace Reid and Evelyn Terry Register were honored at the monthly meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution on Friday.

Register said she was very surprised getting the certificate and that is was very sweet of the DAR to recognize her.

Register's daughters, Jeanette Maddaford and T. J. Riddle, said it was awesome and they were thrilled. They said the DAR made their mother feel very special receiving such an honor.

Reid said she was very honored to receive her certificate and thanked the DAR for recognizing her. Reid's daughter, Pam Sanders, said it was a wonderful and great honor for her mother to receive. She said her mother has always been a very important woman to so many people of Tucumcari.

The DAR recognized Gretchen Brashear with a certificate for a resident flying the flag properly and the Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce with a certificate for flying the flag properly.

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

The DAR's Evelyn Massey is presents Evelyn Terry Register with a certificate Friday for Women in History.

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