Community effort aims to boost school spirit

A community effort is underway to boost spirit and highlight events and achievements at Tucumcari Public Schools.

QCS Photo: Thomas Garcia

The Tucumcari Ag metals class students work on the frame work of the sign which will be placed in front of Tucumcari High School.

Several individuals and local businesses have donated money and material for construction of two signs for Tucumcari schools, said Aaron McKinney, superintendent.

McKinney said Jerry Koile, a Tucumcari resident, approached the administration with a proposal to repair or replace the LED sign at the corner of South Sixth Street and Route 66 and put up a new sign at the entrance of Tucumcari High School.

"Jerry Koile kicked this effort off," McKinney said. "He has done so much of the legwork to get these projects where they are. We could not have done this without his help."

Koile said the LED sign would raise morale, by recognizing all of the school's achievements in academics, arts and sports. He said it would help to build pride for our schools and community.

"I'm doing this for the kids, they are our best and most valuable asset," Koile said. "I don't want any recognition."

McKinney said they are currently in the process of submitting bids for a new LED sign. He said the school's current sign has been in operations for over 12 years and is currently not working.

McKinney said the cost of continuing to repair the sign is more than the price of purchasing a new LED sign with more functions and a warranty.

A second sign suggested by Koile will be placed at the entrance of Tucumcari High School, which recently completed two phases of construction featuring new classrooms and labs and facilities.

The students of Ag Metal Class at Tucumcari high school have been working on portions of the frames and lettering, which will used on the sign, said Matt Klinger, AG Metals Class teacher.

Klinger said the students have been welding the different frames for the sign this week and next week they will work on cutting out the lettering for the sign.

McKinney said they are working with area businesses to complete the wiring, placing and brickwork of the sign. He said the proposed sign would stand 12 foot high by 30 feet long.

McKinney said the donations have been generous and should cover the cost of the signs, though if needed they would approach the school board for additional funding if needed.

For more information you can contact Tucumcari school administration at 461-3910.

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