Students awarded for survey returns

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

Roberta Segura, principal at Tucumcari Middle School, hands eighth-grader Ryanne Lopez the Android tablet she won on Tuesday.

An Android tablet, candy and sodas were recently awarded to Tucumcari Middle School students for a 100 percent return of New Mexico Public Education Department Quality of Education Surveys.

All 222 middle school parents sent the surveys back.

Middle school employee Dolly Padia said she handed out a piece of candy to each student who returned their surveys and on Tuesday, Padia bought each student a coke for doing such a good job.

Principal Roberta Segura said that these surveys count toward the schools report card.

A drawing was held on Tuesday for one of the students to have a chance to win an Android tablet with the winner being Ryanne Lopez an eighth grade student, daughter of Royden and Monti Lopez.

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