Comments from the canyons: Even a little rain brings hope to area

Last Tuesday, many people were driving around to see the results of the rainfall. They had all begun to smile on Monday when the first sprinkles landed and had watched eagerly all day as more moisture fell.

Once again, hopes were rewarded for a little while. Even a tiny bit of moisture is welcome in our area and all drops are much appreciated.

When the major part of the storm hit in the late afternoon, we were able to see water running down the streets and creating its own little rivulets in a few of the pastures. As usual, the amount was varied, depending upon which side of the fence line you had your land.

We heard reports from a few hundredths to a couple of inches of rain, and each person reporting was happy even if no more than a few hundredths

had fallen.

While driving around on Tuesday, we were all delighted to note the beauty of our surroundings. Everything had been washed and was showing off the beautiful colors we hadn't seen for a while.

The dull greens had turned to bright greens and could actually be seen. The few little wild flowers that had begun to bloom were standing taller and showing their brilliant colors. Even a few mesquite bushes were showing off and trying to tell us that no more hard freezes would be coming.

We can always hope they are telling us the truth, but they have been known to be mistaken at times.

Of course, we were a little perturbed a couple of days later when we saw the cloud of blowing dust in the east. Obviously, the dust had settled for a few minutes, only to begin flying around all too soon. We know we will be seeing more of those storms, but we also know we will have some moisture along the way.

Ours has been the land of hope since the first inhabitants arrived. Water has always been something that has caused the hope and that has kept people living on the land through the centuries. We may begin to lose that hope, but just as the last bit is about to disappear, a little rain comes along and makes us want to stay in this area.

Much courage has been needed throughout the centuries also because no cowards could survive in these parts. We plan for crops each year without having a clue that such crops will make it, but we keep trying. We plan for even the smallest gardens with the same attitude and just keep on planting.

When you see smiles among the local population, you can be sure that some rain has fallen and that hope is still much alive. Let's just keep the hope and know that more moisture is on the way.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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