Tucumcari seniors prepare for next step

Excitement and anticipation fill the students and parents as they participate in the Tucumcari class of 2013's "Senior Week."

QCS Photo: Thomas Garcia

Joseph Marroquin helps his daughter Jolene with her painting project Tuesday as part of the senior week traditions at Tucumcari High School.

"There is just so much to do," said Tonya Rivera, mother of senior Jordan Walker.

Rivera said she is sad to see her son graduate but is excited for him to go out into the world and make his mark. She said the true emotional impact of this week would not hit her until graduation at 6 p.m. Friday at Rattler Gym.

Rivera said this is her first child to graduate from high school — her second son, Josh, will be in eighth grade this year. She said she has some time to prepare for her next graduation.

"The house is going to be empty when Dominic graduates, though I know he is going to be making a life for himself," said Victor Pacheco, Dominic's father.

Pacheco said his son is the second and last to graduate from the household. He said he knows his son has to move on with his life and is glad he will be attending Eastern New Mexico University in Portales this fall.

QCS Photo: Thomas Garcia

Tucumcari high school senior Jordan Walker works on the fangs of the Rattler he is painting Tuesday as a part of the senior week activities. The baseball is symbolic of his time as a member of the Rattlers baseball team his senior year he played as catcher.

The empty nest feeling is one that Joseph and Marcella Marroquin can relate too. Their daughter Jolene will be the sixth and final child from their family to graduate from Tucumcari High School.

"It's going to be lonely around the house but we know that they are out building their lives," said Marcella Marroquin.

Marroquin said they have always pushed their children to do their best. She said while they know children and teens will always act silly, they stressed how important it was not to goof off in their schoolwork.

Marroquin said they have always let their children know how important education is to a successful future.

"Without education it is so hard to build a bright future," Marroquin said.

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