Tucumcari high school graduates take the next step in their lives

As one chapter closes, another opens for us the graduates of Tucumcari High School, said Valedictorian, Keannette Perkins, during Friday's commencement ceremony at Rattler Gym.

It was a short ceremony, though for the 46 graduates it was a moment they had been waiting for their whole lifetime.

QCS photo: Thomas Garcia

Following commencement ceremony tradition the 46 graduates of Tucumcari

High School throw their caps into the air Friday night at Rattler Gym.

"These past three years have influenced and changed us all," Perkins said. "While we are excited yet sad we all knew this day would come."

Perkins said it is important that class members look forward to their future but also remember where they came from. She said the seniors should not take a second of their lives for granted and should live to the fullest, so when they look back they can say, "I lived and have no regrets."

Class Salutatorian, Luke Smith shared Perkins views about looking toward the future as he addressed his fellow classmates.

"Life goes on, whether we want to, or are ready to. We have to move on," he said.

Smith said he and his fellow classmates have created many memories and shared many experiences. He said though their time at Tucumcari High School is over, they will carry those memories with them for the rest of their lives.

Smith said he is excited about the future that lies before him and his fellow graduates, as they prepare to step into the real world, be it attending college, joining the military or entering the work force.

"I don't think any of us were ready for how we would feel today," said Dimitri Chappell, graduate.

Chappell said at first it seemed as if the week went on forever and graduation was never going to come. He said then as the graduates began the day with their families and rehearsed the ceremony, it soon dawned on them all that this moment had finally come.

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