Comments from the canyons: Community closer in rural areas

Living in one's home area provides much pleasure because we can see friends from all comers and in between. For instance, a couple of Saturdays ago, while having lunch at Del's, I had the privilege of seeing friends from Nara Visa to Hassell and points in between.

Although one meeting came about because of a death, just visiting with those friends for a few minutes stirred more memories than the mind could absorb until much later. One man in that group told me long ago that he had met me first when I was just two weeks old and had come home from the clinic with Mother. My parents then took me to a baseball game at the Ima School, and my friend said he recalled that day clearly. I had met others in that group in 1944 when I attended school at House. Meeting friends of such long standings just naturally makes this woman from lma glad to have such a place in which to live.

Another group of people from the Nara Visa area had time to stop to visit for a bit. Any time I see people from that area, I automatically think of my dear cousin, "Tink" Nixon, and the wonderful times we had together throughout our lives. From the time, I can remember, we had great fun getting into mischief, falling into fits of laughter, and just enjoying each other as only such cousins can.

Yet another group of people in the restaurant that day included two of my very first students from 1955 when I began my teaching career at Forrest. They really had no idea what that brief visit meant to their now aged teacher. Again, all too many memories flooded in and had to be held until later to be enjoyed fully. As I watched them, I recalled many of the wonderful experiences I had that year and realized once again how fortunate I was to begin my career there.

Other people also stopped to visit during that brief lunch hour, thus making the time spent there very precious. Only in a rural area, could we have such experiences and meet so many people we know. Whether we have known them all our lives or have met them only recently, we are fortunate to be able to greet and be greeted by special friends and acquaintances. Let's just enjoy greeting each other every day and realize how lucky we are to have such an area to call home.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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