Tucumcari High athletes recognized

Tucumcari High School's athletes received recognition and awards at THS's annual Athletic Banquet, sponsored by the Rattler Boosters organization.

Members of boys and girls football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, cross-country, track and field, and golf teams were called up to receive certificates and prizes.

As usual, however, the Athlete of the Year and Academic Athlete of the Year awards capped the evening at the Tucumcari Convention Center.

Male Athlete of the Year Luke Smith was also the academic athlete of the year. Smith played on the varsity football, basketball, golf, and track teams while achieving straight As.

Female Athlete of the Year Esperanza Moncoya played on the varsity volleyball, softball, cross-country, basketball and track teams.

Female Academic Athlete of the Year Keannette Perkins played on the varsity volleyball, cross-country, basketball and track teams while maintaining all A's academically.

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