Comments from the canyons: Sunday drive memorable affair

Because all the tires were round and the gas tank was full, Prissy and I decided to take a little longer ride than usual on Sunday afternoon. We hadn’t been farther than Quay in months and figured we could go as far as the plains to see what was going on there. Each drive in our county provides plenty of opportunity to appreciate the surrounding beauty and lets us enjoy the change of scenery.
After the few little showers we have had, we can now see a bit more greening and can feel the hope that always follows even one shower. The greening is a bit sporadic as were the showers. We would pass patches of green pasture only to see brown patches just across the next fence. We saw a few wild flowers making their colors glow and others just beginning to sprout. The drive through the valley was as relaxing as ever for the driver, but Prissy wanted to stop to take walks so she could enjoy the scenery in her immediate vicinity.
Once we passed Ragland and turned south, we began to chase those wonderful mirages that are so prevalent on the plains. We stopped to do some walking and much picture taking so we could share those mirages with friends who live elsewhere and don’t get to see them very often. We drove to the lma turn before deciding to head back to town. Turning the wheel at that point took a bit of strength because the heart really wanted to go to the canyons, but the mind said we didn’t really have that much time just then and would go out there soon to spend a day looking around without thought of having to rush.
We stopped to visit with a few cows and watched them graze contentedly on a few shoots of green grass. We also hunted for cholla cactus with blooms and finally found one that looked almost normal. All too many of them are dying, and others just don’t look very healthy. We saw more blooms on the various ground cacti than on the chollas. At least, some prickly pears may be available to be enjoyed when they ripen later in the summer.
Just being “out on top” for a little while provided much pleasure and brought back many memories of the past. Of course, each mile out there holds special memories and gives me much to consider while driving and for days after returning to town. Prissy finally decided we weren’t going to do any more walking and took a nice nap on the return trip. As long as she can have plenty of water to drink and at least one short walk, she is a happy black lab. She’ll never be a country dog, but she surely adds much to this country person’s life. Let’s all enjoy our town and county. We really are fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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