Severe Weather Alerts Fade to ‘Slight Risk’

A weather pattern that caused a tornado warning to be issued for Tucumcari and northeastern Quay County on June 19 left the city with nothing but high winds and dust, but rural areas as close as four miles north of the city were pelted by hail as large as baseballs.
Mark Lake, director of Tucumcari’s Main Street program said he lost a windshield on a pickup truck as hailstones up to baseball size struck his home and yard a few miles north of Tucumcari. He also said window screens on his home were damaged, as well as some garden plants.
Bob Hockaday, a scientist, inventor and neighbor of Lake’s reported “a dent in my mailbox, and that’s about it. My son said he heard big thumps on the roof” as the storm passed over.
Linda Griggs, who operates the New Beginnings Real Estate firm in Tucumcari, said her home on County Road AI received only pea-size hail. She said people she knows who live north and east of her, however, were caught in the brunt of the storm and incurred some damage.
The storm missed the New Mexico State University Agricultural Research Station, according to Leonard Lauriault, acting director.  He said a few large hailstones from the storm were found on the property, but the worst of the storm passed north of the research facility.
The storm also missed the Tucumcari Feed Yard, except for a few large hailstones that blew in from the main storm, according to Dan Estrada, the manager.
By the time the storm hit Logan, however, it had weakened, producing only a brief, intense rainstorm, according to Kim Lubera, a billing clerk in the village office.
The tornado warning was declared when an observer north of Tucumcari reported a “wall cloud,” a tornado precursor, at about 3:35 p.m. June 19, according to Troy Marshall, a weather technician at the National Weather Service in Albuquerque.
The storm produced baseball-size hail north of Tucumcari, along with high winds. The hail became smaller as the storm moved east and dissipated.
It produced three-quarter inch-diameter hail in Bard and hailstones of less than a tenth of an inch by the time the storm reached the Logan area, Marshall said.

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