Gov. Martinez To Host ‘Constituent Day’ in Tucumcari

Thomas Garcia

QCS Senior Writer


New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez plans to hold face-to-face meetings with area residents to discuss their needs and concerns on June 27 in Tucumcari.

These meeting are a part the “Constituent Day” initiative, which will be held in communities across the state giving residents a chance to meet and speak with Gov. Martinez and local legislators, said Enrique Knell, Gov. Martinez’s communications director.

Knell said residents must apply in advance to be scheduled for a 10-minute meeting with Gov. Martinez and Quay County legislators. In these meetings, constituents may discuss an issue they may have with the state or assistance they may need from Gov. Martinez or local legislators to investigate and resolve.

“People may have an issue with a certain department within the state’s government though they do not know whom to turn to for assistance,” said State Sen. Pat Woods (R-Melrose).

Woods said he was asked by Gov. Martinez’s office to be one of the local legislators participating in the meetings in Tucumcari. He said part of his job as a legislator is to work with the constituents to address any concerns or issues they may have with the state or that the state may help to resolve.

For example, Woods said, a constituent could be encountering difficulties with a state department due to miscommunication or a backlog of paperwork. As a legislator, he said, he could contact the cabinet secretary or work with the departments to help resolve and correct the issue for the constituent, and perhaps benefit other residents who may have experienced similar problems.

To schedule a meeting with Governor Martinez and local legislators, residents must submit a meeting request by e-mail that includes their name, phone number, address, and a complete description of the issue they would like to discuss.

Submit request to:

All meetings are on a first come, first served basis.

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