County’s gross receipts income up from previous year

By Steve Hansen
QCS Managing Editor
Quay County has collected more than  $1.8 million in gross receipts taxes (GRT) for fiscal year 2013, which ends June 30.
While this figure is about 5 percent greater than last year’s GRT total, it is still 8 percent short of the county’s five-year average of GRT collections, according to a report presented Monday to the Quay County Board of Commissioners by County Manager Richard Primrose.
The report showed that fiscal 2012’s gross receipts tax revenue was somewhat less than $1.8 million.  Fiscal 2013’s gross receipts tax income was about 5 percent above last fiscal year’s receipts.
Primrose said GRT revenues from installation of the Xcel’ energy’s Tucumcari Generating Station, and road repair and maintenance projects on I-40 accounted for the increases in gross receipts income from last fiscal year to this fiscal year.
This fiscal year, retail trade has accounted for 24 percent of the GRT revenue, and construction has brought in 23 percent of the GRT income.
Over the past five years, the county has averaged nearly $2 million in GRT revenue, but until this year, gross receipts tax revenue had been showing a decline of about 6 percent per year since 2009, when such revenues totaled nearly $2.4 million.  From 2009 to 2012, annual GRT revenues had declined by a total of  just over $642,000 or 27 percent.
Most of the five-year decline has been in construction, Primrose said.  Construction GRT revenues totaled  a little more than $403,000 in fiscal 2013 and represented 23 percent of the total GRT collected. They totaled about $633,000 in fiscal 2010, representing 31 percent of GRT collections, he said.  Retail trade, the other dominant category of GRT revenues, has also decreased since fiscal 2010, Primrose said.
Retail GRT totaled about $512,000 in 2010, representing 26 percent of collections, in fiscal 2010.  In fiscal 2013,  Retail GRT totaled just over $422,300, representing 24 percent of GRT collections.
Accommodations and food service, however, showed better numbers in 2013 than in 2010.  Accommodations and food service totaled just over $260,000 in GRT for 2013, compared with $$223,000 in 2010.

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